Roadmap to Summer Safety

We have had a cool spring, but higher summer temperatures are coming up fast and Columbia REA would like to remind everyone to be safe with your summertime activities.

Safety Tips

  • Stay hydrated – The risk of heat-related illness is high this time of year
  • Wear your lifejackets when boating
  • Stay away from downed powerlines and do not get out of a car that has a powerline on it
  • Please do not climb, sit, or jump on our pad mounted (underground) equipment or play or climb on or around power poles
  • Farmers, please be careful of the power poles and guy wires, and remember to stack your straw bales away from, and not underneath, our lines to avoid potential hazard

What is a Fire Safety Power Shutoff & How Could It Affect You?

As part of its 2022 Wildfire Mitigation Plan, the Bonneville Power Administration has included the potential use of a Fire Safety Power Shutoff procedure.

In the event of “Emergency Conditions,” (very dry vegetation, low humidity and high winds), BPA may initiate a power shutdown in specific areas to protect the system and prevent the accidental triggering of a wildfire from sparks or downed powerlines.

While it’s important to note that a power shutdown could be initiated at any point along BPA’s more than 15,000 miles of line, only 2% of the system currently runs through traditionally high wildfire risk areas. And while a portion of that 2% does fall within the Columbia REA service area, a fire safety shutdown doesn’t necessarily mean power loss to our members, depending on where the shutoff occurs and the configuration of the local system.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.