Could an Electric Vehicle be Right for You?

CREA EV carElectric vehicles account for just 1.2% of the U.S. vehicle market, but sales are booming, growing 25% last year. And they’re getting better and cheaper as researchers improve the batteries that power them.

EVs can drive more than enough miles for a typical driver on a single charge, even if you live out in the wide-open countryside. The average American driver in a rural area drives 34 miles a day. When an electric car is done driving for the day, you can plug it in to recharge overnight. Essentially, you’re topping off the gas tank while you sleep, giving you a fully charged battery every morning.

I have the opportunity to drive one occasionally, and I enjoy the quietness, the above-average acceleration, and the simple recharging method. Although, I’m not an owner, I certainly enjoy the driving benefits. My typical path takes me out for most of the day to Dayton and Burbank, and with a few other stops, I return back to Walla Walla with about 35% capacity left. Skipping the gas station is awesome!

For many people, one of the biggest selling points for electric cars is their effect on the environment, and that can also depend on where you live. For much of the rest of the country, it’s like driving a car that gets well over 50 miles per gallon. “Seventy-five percent of people now live in places where driving on electricity is cleaner than a 50 MPG gasoline car,” says the report from the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Electric vehicles are not for everybody—yet. One limit to their growth is the lack of commercial style pickup truck. But soon, that should change. Again it will have to be used in a method to ensure it has enough range for its tasks everyday. But many pickups, including commercial vehicles, operate well below the standard range per day needs.

If you choose an electric vehicle and install a Type 2 charger in your garage, we may have a rebate to help you along. Check on our Rebate Offers page.

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