Conservation Corner – October 2022

Cooler weather doesn’t have to mean outrageous electric bills. Columbia REA would like to offer 8 ways you can manage your energy usage this winter and beyond.

  • Upgrade your old heat pump or furnace to a new heat pump.
  • Ask for a PTCS (Performance Tested Comfort Systems) installation on the heat pump for a whole-house analysis to save even more.
  • Upgrade your old water heater with a super-effi cient heat pump water heater.
  • Get a free thermostat and program it to learn your habits and save you money. (limited time offer)
  • Allow Columbia REA to change all your light bulbs with new and FREE LED lights. (limited time offer)
  • Insulate your walls, attic, or fl oors. Adding attic insulation is great place to start.
  • Upgrade your single pane windows and do some air sealing.
  • If you are considering a solar-energy system, we can help you explore options and provide an estimated credit amount based on your history.

We don’t install solar-energy systems but have lots of great information.

Visit our Energy Efficiency page for more energy saving tips, free offers and great rebates

We are very interested in helping you save electricity. We have links on our website to many great savings tips, and some generous rebates for most of the products mentioned above. If your insulation is missing or sagging, your heat pump is tired and old, or your water heater is leaky and worn out, please make sure you know your Columbia REA rebate options before you buy.

Next month, we will dig a little deeper into solar energy and will have more information on available rebates and products. If you can’t wait, feel free to call.

Charlie DeSalvo, Energy Efficiency Specialist

If you have any questions about energy efficiency, email Charlie DeSalvo or call (509) 526-4041.