CEO’s Message – November 2022

Thanks, Vic! We’ll miss you

scott peters headshotAt our October Board Meeting a couple of weeks ago, Vic Parks, longtime Board Director for Columbia REA, announced that he would be stepping down after nearly 23 years on the Board. Vic, originally from west Texas, has been a Columbia REA member since 1979, when he moved to Burbank. In 1999, he was appointed to the Columbia REA Board of Directors when another Board member retired and was then elected to the Board in 2000.

Vic’s experience in the field of irrigation systems, fisheries work and environmental research with Pacific Northwest National Laboratories, the National Marine Fisheries Service, and the Battelle Institute, gave him a unique professional perspective on some of the most important issues that Columbia REA and our region would face over the last two decades, which have been a period of great change and complexity here at the Co-op and throughout our industry.

Here is just a sampling of the growth Vic has presided over during his directorship:

Growth 2000 2022
Number of Members 1,635 4,261
Number of Meters 3,291 6,464
Kilowatt-Hour Sales 249,871,047 357,087,276
Miles of Line 1,225 1,395
Employees 27 49

The leadership provided by Vic and his colleagues on the Board are what has made Columbia REA successful not just over the last 20 years, but our entire 80-year history. We can’t thank Vic enough for his dedication and his contributions. He has not only helped guide us during his time here but has helped set us on a path toward future success. And by his own admission, Columbia REA has been a big part of Vic’s life, and always will be.

“Being on the Board has been very, very rewarding. Probably one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done,” Vic noted in a 2019 interview for this magazine.

Thank you, Vic Parks.

From your lifelong friends here at Columbia REA to a lifelong fisherman, we wish you calm seas and tight lines!


Scott Peters