CEO Message — January 2022

Happy New Year—Let’s Make it a Good One!

scott peters headshotThe New Year is celebrated in different ways around the world. Some countries celebrate on New Year’s Day with parties, feasting, and gifts. Here in America, we tend to celebrate New Year’s Day with football. Perhaps because most of western civilization joins together the night before, on New Year’s Eve, to welcome in the new year and wish a bon voyage to last year.

Whether you’re saying goodbye or saying hello, the new year is just that—new, and that is worth celebrating. It’s exciting to have a whole new 12 months laid out before you to create a new future, improve on the present, adjust based on lessons learned.

It would be easy to just keep doing what we’re doing and cruise right into 2022 feeling pretty good about ourselves, because 2021 was pretty good, all things considered. But Columbia REA will create, and improve, and adjust, and do whatever we can to ensure that this year is even better than last year for the Co-op, and for you, our members.

For starters, you may have seen in this issue that we have created a “Bring Your Dog to Work” program. As a bona fide dog person, and owner of two four-legged, furry, and frequent visitors to the office, I may or may not have had input on this new policy, but the thanks and the credit go to Jennifer Aichele, our HR Manager (and dog person), for creating a very successful program that helps lift everyone’s spirits whenever we have a special guest.

We also may have somewhat inadvertently improved on our annual staff Christmas Party. With large gatherings in enclosed spaces still on the naughty list, we moved our annual December celebration onsite and into our own very large warehouse. We kept the big doors open and the heaters on, and we replaced the service rigs and bucket trucks with holiday lights and dinner tables covered white linen. The ‘Q Woodfired Grill provided a delicious meal, and a grand and glorious time was had by all. Early returns indicate that we may be back next year. Well done, Christmas party planning team!

You will also see in this issue that we have made some adjustments to our Columbia REA Scholarship program. We have increased the scholarship amount for both the Academic scholarships and the Lineman scholarships. Applications can be downloaded from our website, and the recipients for 2022 will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting in April.

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the year ahead, and we want you, our members, right there along with us for the ride. Best wishes to you and yours for a happy, healthy, successful, and fulfilling new year! We look forward to building a great 2022 together!

Be safe, stay healthy, and Happy New Year!
Scott Peters, CEO