CEO Message — February 2022

Ready or not, here comes 2022!

scott peters headshotLast month in this space we talked about what a solid year 2021 was, financially, for the co-op. We also talked about change, and no matter how things are going at any point in time, we are always prepared for what may come next. Perhaps we should have kept our proverbial mouths shut, because it didn’t take long for Mother Nature to test us on our claim of always being ready.

2022 didn’t come in like a lion, it came in like a 3-headed monster. During the first week of the year we saw sustained winds of nearly 40 miles per hour, with gusts up to 60 mph. And that was on top of snow that was measured in feet, not inches, in some of our higher elevations, not to mention the single-digit temperatures. And after that, everybody’s favorite weather event…freezing rain. All of this added up to localized outages from Stateline to Starbuck, and several points in between. Snow-covered tree limbs fell on power lines and ice-covered roads sent vehicles into power poles.

But our crews responded. We were ready, and we couldn’t be prouder of the way our team rose to this challenge. Our line crews worked around the clock and through the weekend to restore power where it was out, and to keep the power on everywhere else.

We were even able to break a couple of linemen away to help another electric co-op that was experiencing a major outage. Clearwater Power Co. was in need of assistance and John Brown and Adam Uptegrove put in a 32-hour shift helping to restore power to their members in the Lewiston, Idaho area. Thank you, John and Adam, for your hard work and your commitment to the cooperative spirit!

And speaking of the cooperative spirit! We are looking for potential Board of Directors candidates to run in our March Board election. We have three Board positions up for election, one in each district, and we would love to see our members step up and seek a spot on our Board of Directors. It is your co-op, after all! Our voting period begins in March and runs into April. The results of the election will be announced at our Annual Membership Meeting on April 21.

If you’re interested or have questions about Board membership or the election process, please contact Doug Case at (509) 526-4041 or email Doug.

Be safe, stay healthy,
Scott Peters, CEO