CEO Message — December 2021

2021– Another Year Like No Other Year

scott peters headshotGazing out the window at steady rain and gusty wind— usually not terribly helpful in our efforts to bring you safe, reliable power—it’s hard to imagine that six months ago we were experiencing a record-setting heat wave, which resulted in record-setting electricity usage for Columbia REA. 2021 has been a successful year for Columbia REA on the financial side of things.

As a result of those record-setting months this past summer, our Board of Directors recently approved the highest Capital Credit retirement amount for a single year in the history of Columbia REA. Approximately $1.5 million will be distributed to our members this Holiday season.

The kind of success we experienced here at your co-op this year isn’t just about the weather. It is also about the people. As hard as we try to be prepared for anything, there are always surprises you don’t plan for and challenges to overcome. The last two years have taught us that. The credit for being able to deliver on our promise of safe, reliable power when the mercury reaches uncharted territory goes to our staff and our management team. They are the ones creating the environment that leads to the success that fuels the rewards.

As members, you also deserve the credit for supporting your Co-op in these turbulent, unprecedented times. Many co-ops in our region are facing financial shortfalls that could take years to bounce back from. We are on solid financial footing because of you, and that is why it is truly gratifying for us to be able to send out your Capital Credit checks this year.

But, as the saying goes, everything in life, and the electricity business, is cyclical. Things can change...well, like the weather, and we do not know what next year will bring. It is tough to predict change, but when change is the expectation, it’s easier to deal with. That is why your Cooperative Board and management team are always looking forward, always on the lookout for ways to keep your rates low and your lights on.

As we head into the Holidays and out of 2021, our entire team here at Columbia REA would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday season, and we look forward to working with you through all of the change, challenge, surprise, and success that 2022 will surely bring, together.

Be safe, Stay healthy,
Scott Peters, CEO