3 Reasons to Switch to Electronic Billing

We are always looking for ways to reduce expenses. Paper billing statements cost Columbia REA $25,000 in 2021. Besides being fast, easy and convenient, here are a few more reasons to consider making the switch to electronic billing.

Save Time & Money

Paperless billing lowers expenses and increases productivity. it costs 27 cents for materials, plus 35 cents for postage, per paper statement. Both of those numbers will go up in 2022 as paper costs and postage, and membership, increase unless we use less paper.

Electronic billing simply delivers your monthly statement via your email, which is free.

Stay Informed About Your Account – Safely!

We know security is a top priority for you. Our electronic billing system does not require you to provide information that will identify you personally or ask for your full account information.

And you can receive notifications when your bill has been sent to you, when it is due, and when your payment has been received.

Reduce Our Carbon Footprint

Paper waste is a major concern. Paper makes up 25% of landfill waste, 33% of municipal waste, and 50% of business waste. That is a lot of trees.

Paperless billing gives Columbia REA an opportunity to help the planet and be good stewards of our natural resources, while also showcasing to our community the co-op’s efforts to reduce our environmental impact.


Receiving an electronic bill doesn’t mean you have to pay electronically. You can still send in a check, give us a call, or come visit us in-person to pay your bill. We love when our members come to see us!

Call today and make the switch! (509) 526-4041.