New Billing Statement Design

You may notice some changes to your July billing statement. We’ve updated the design to improve readability and to make it easier to access the information you’re looking for.

Some specific changes you will see are:

  • The total payment is now front and center on the first page, along with the due date for payment.
  • New 4-color format increases visibility of various elements.
  • Your monthly usage details are now easier to read.
  • There is now an annual usage history graph with previous year comparison.
  • A message area on page 2 where you will receive updates and information about Columbia REA news and other important announcements and reminders.

Visit the How to Read Your Bill page for more information.

Residential Demand: Coming Soon to Your Monthly Billing Statement

As you may know, Columbia REA will soon be adding a Residential Demand line item to your billing statements. Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) includes a Demand Component on the power bill paid to them by the Cooperative. So in order to treat all cooperative members fairly, it is important to assign cost to each rate class for the different components that the Co-op gets charged for, and that includes Residential Demand. Most of our commercial and agriculture rate classes have had a demand charge for many years. With this change all rate classes will have a demand component on their bills.

Some members may see a decrease to their bills, and some members may see an increase.

The current plan for the residential rate class is for no increases within the class itself on average. The more demand a member’s usage at their home puts on the electrical system, the higher the cost. The demand portion today is rolled into your kWh (Kilowatt hour) usage and the cost of the kWh. When a member’s kWh usage goes down, their demand does not necessarily go down.

We will continue to communicate information to you, our members, on this change as we receive the information from our Cost of Service Study. If you have questions or would like more information, please email Doug Case, Manager of Marketing and Member Services, or call (509) 526-4041.