Turn up your savings with Google Nest!

Columbia REA is offering the Google Nest Thermostat to our Members, at No Charge!

Through this exclusive offer, our Smart Thermostat rebate is applied instantly so there’s no paperwork for you to fill out. Simply place your order at the link below, and our fulfillment partner will ship your new thermostat to your door.


Designed to install yourself

Installation usually takes 30 minutes or less, and many homeowners can easily install it themselves.

A few things to consider first

  • Columbia REA does not provide tech support for installations. Online support is available from Google Nest.  For more Nest info, visit the Nest product page or the Nest support page.
  • If you want to pay a professional yourself to install it for you, Columbia REA does have an approved local contractors list.
  • If you have a newer heat pump system and already have a matching smart thermostat, and possibly a variable speed system, we strongly suggest you call the installing contractor and ask them if the Nest is a good choice for your system.
Click here to get your Nest