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How long do I have to wait for a new service to be installed?

Depending on the complexity of the job and our other commitments we can usually have a new service installed in two or three weeks after we get the signed contract and easements in place.

Can the telephone, cable TV or other utilities go in the same trench as CREA power lines?

Yes, this is a common practice but there are specific code requirements that must be met when placing all utilities in a common trench. A drawing with specific locations is available on request.

Can I install my own yard light or other equipment on a CREA pole?

No, Because of the high voltage equipment on our poles safety regulations require that only qualified workers be allowed on our poles.

Who pays for the line extension for a new service?

CREA has a line extension policy that specifies how the costs are paid for. Depending on the size and type of service the Co-op will pay for a portion of the total costs. If the estimated construction costs exceed the line extension allowance the customer must pay the difference. The customer has a choice to pay all the cost up front or they can be amortized over ten years and a monthly payment will be added to the electric bill each month.

Do I need to have an electrical permit and inspection?

Any new service or change to an existing service must be inspected before we can legally connect it.

What happens to poles that are removed from service and can I have one?

Our line crew evaluates each pole that is removed. If the pole is in acceptable condition it will be returned to stock. If the pole is not returned to the Co-op stock then it can be given to an existing member on site or it will be hauled to one of our service centers and made available for any member upon request. Any used poles will be cut to maximum lengths of 12', with no exceptions

What should I do if my power goes out?

You should check your own electrical equipment for a blown fuse or tripped breaker first. If no problem is found then call the Co-op to report an outage at any time 24 hours per day. We have local employees that will assist you in restoring the power. When you call please have the name the service is in, the address and a phone number you can be contacted at available. Remember that many of the new cordless telephones will not work when there is a power outage



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