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Economic Development

Business and communities cannot grow and prosper without proper infrastructure. Roads, utilities, broadband and the likes provide the basic foundation in which economic development can occur.

Many companies talk about economic development, but this is not a new concept at Columbia REA; we've been aiding economic development for more than 66 years. Today we are still committed to partnerships that ensure economic development, more jobs, and a brighter future for our communities.

Columbia REA is here to help existing businesses expand and to attract new business to our local communities. This commitment allows Columbia REA to help the community by expanding job opportunities, strengthening the local economy and improving our area's quality of life.

There are a couple of ways that Columbia REA aids in economic development. One way, is through our Line Extension Credits and the other is through our Revolving Loan Fund. To learn more about these programs, click on the links.

  • Builder Feature - At Columbia REA we have the pleasure of working with the great builders and developers in our service territory. We consider these relationships critical to the vitality of the Cooperative. Click on the link above to learn more about our featured builder.
  • Economic Impact - All businesses impact the local economy. The obvious impact is employment and payroll. But the total economic impact of a business involves much more. The economic viability of a business has a ripple effect throughout the community that often goes unrealized. Learn more about how Columbia REA is impacting our local community.


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