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Perhaps you’re looking for extra warmth and a dry towel, or a high-performance heater to back up your main heating source. Or perhaps you just want to feel comfortable in your favorite room. Whatever the need, ConvectAir has the right model for you. ConvectAir energy efficient units can transform any cold spot into a warm comfort zone.

Efficient, economical and safe. Providing gentle, even heat throughout any room, ConvectAir heaters are equipped with an efficient electronic thermostat that can save you up to 30% on your heating bill. And the ConvectAir safety features offer you much-needed peace of mind.

Quality products that are simple and easy to use. ConvectAir has more than 20 years experience in home electric heating. They design products that last a lifetime. ConvectAir units are user-friendly – simply plug them in! All are equipped with a thermostat so that you can set your own comfort zone, and the bathroom units come with a timer for heat that’s almost instantaneous. Warm air is directed forward to heat the room, not the wall. The result? The warm air mixes more quickly with ambient air, and the temperature is more even throughout the room. Stop by Columbia Rural Electric Association in Dayton or Walla Walla, and see the ConvectAir display in action.

If you have used baseboard heaters in your home, you’ve heard their trademark crackling as they heat up or cool down. Fan-forced wall-insert heaters are even worse, noisily starting and stopping as the temperature goes up and down. With forced-air, the furnace makes a noise every time it starts up. And with hot-water radiators, the sound of water gurgling through the radiators, which causes them to expand, is likely to be annoying, especially during the night. When you subsidize your main heating source with ConvectAir natural convection heaters, you hear nothing but the sound of silence.

ConvectAir units feature a unique heating element. It consists of an X-shaped monoblock that is surface treated to heat more efficiently, with no expansion noise. The natural convection design also avoids the need for a fan. You’ll know that your ConvectAir heater is working by the comfort you feel. The ConvectAir heating unit naturally draws in the cool air along the floor and then reheats it, using a highly efficient patented heating element. The heated air rises in the unit and is gently diffused through the grilles at the top.

The intake of cool air from the bottom of the unit and output of warm air from the top is known as the “chimney effect.” This natural acceleration pushes the hot air to the front of the unit rather that towards the wall, and helps the heat to spread evenly throughout the entire room. Hot and cool air mix more rapidly and efficiently. You feel much more comfortable, since the degree of warmth that you’ve selected is the same throughout the entire room. With ConvectAir, cold feet are a thing of the past! But that’s not all: convection reduces heating costs, since the heat produced is distributed more efficiently and evenly. And since a natural convection ConvectAir unit doesn’t require a motor fan, it operates in total silence. ConvectAir has been providing a warm presence in homes worldwide for over 20 years. .


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